School Rules

» Parents should have to look after his / her pupil's dress, school diary and homework daily.

» Parents and pupil both are responsible for the good conduct with school and school management.

» The child must always wear a tag giving information [ I-card ] about his/her name, class, address, telephone number and the bus stop No child will be picked up from the bus stop unless he/she is wearing a tag.

» There must be someone to receive the child at the bus stop in the afternoon, failing which, the child will be brought back to the school.

» The child who has been brought back to school will have to be collected from the Reception. Please try to send a person every day for those children who will be picked up by a servant or driver.

» Students should reach school fifteen minutes before the bell.

» The bag, napkin, water bottle etc. carried by the child, should have his/her name, class and section written on it. This is  must to avoid any loss.

» Any delay in picking up the child after the class timings should be informed to the office well in advance.

» Newsletters and assignments on topics would be sent periodically.

» These should be preserved in folders for future reference. Parents are requested to go through these assignments along with their child for reinforcement of concepts introduced in the class. Parent Teacher Meetings are held for parents to interact with their ward's class teacher. Prior information will be sent to you regarding the date and time.

» Please ensure that your child is not exposed to films which are not meant for his/her age group, especially those with violence as this has an adverse effect on the child. It would go a long way if parents could spend quality time with their child, reading out story books whenever possible.

» Please do not try to meet your ward's class teacher in the class during school hours. However you may meet her / him at 2:00 p.m. but only after taking a prior appointment.